Wednesday, April 15, 2009

an especially extraneous bit of self-indulgence

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
the problem with starting a blog is that i end up staring at it like it's a mirror (which, of course, it is).

things i should be doing instead:
  • finishing reading the writing samples of my future classmates
  • writing something new
  • reading one of the many novels on my nightstand
  • researching writers' websites
  • giving feedback to my boyfriend on an essay he showed me in november
  • working on my list of literary journals to which i should consider submitting something
  • looking for my antidepressants, the misplacement of which i am taking as a tentative sign that i don't really want to keep using them
  • thinking about whether i'm really okay with quitting my antidepressants
  • questioning why i feel the need to tell the denizens of the interwebs that i am taking antidepressants
even when i am shaming myself publicly, i seem to feel no shame.


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