Thursday, April 16, 2009

publicizing your work

Thursday, April 16, 2009
my latest great idea is that the best way to have a meaningful internet presence as a new writer is to actually be able to link to your own work, or quote it extensively, on the site. of course, as many of you know, this leads to issues of "self-publication" if the work hasn't already been published in a journal or the like. posting your own work on the internet for public consumption constitutes publishing it, which means most lit mags won't accept it if you're submitting it for publication with them.

the solution: submit your work to online lit journals! then, when they publish it (and of course they will, because you're awesomely talented), you can put it up on your website, since it's already published anyway.

in light of this revelation, i've begun a list of online literary journals to which i will consider submitting something in the next few months. and because i love you (or at least those of you who i know are looking at this website), i'm sharing my list with you! yay!

most of these links were culled from NewPages, which is a pretty awesome resource unto itself. i haven't looked at any of these sites yet, so if you have thoughts about any of them, feel free to leave a comment.

Underground Voices
Blood Lotus
Cadillac Cicatrix
Miranda Magazine
Our Stories
Prick of the Spindle
Ramble Underground
The Straddler

And some other people's lists of online journals:
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